Good Morning Mexico Middle School Students!  Today is Monday, an A day, the 12th and the school’s attendance for Friday was 93.17%

Students take a minute to think about this: “Life is a gift. Wake up every morning and realize it.-Unknown

Tomorrow is the last day for the lowest percentage of tardies competition.  Finish out the competition strong, and don’t get any tardies. The winners get to go to the high school on November 15 to watch middle and high school students in the play, "Oklahoma!"

The November and December attendance incentive runs from November 15-December 18.  The reward iis talk and tech during GROWL.

8th grade bus ride to town is today!!

Lunch today: Cheese Pizza OR Baked Potato Bar With the Fixings, Steamed Broccoli, Bread Stick, Sauce, Peaches, Milk Choice

Tomorrow’s breakfast: Breakfast Pizza, Apple, Orange Juice, Milk Choice

Be Safe -Be Respectful -Be Responsible – Be Here.  Every Day, All Day!

Please stand for the pledge.